• I cannot figure out the riddle of the Catacombs of Iona, Ive made it to the end (I think) and have putFlece on solo back to the main room to move the stone around , butt cannot get it to open please help!!!

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  • To get through the iona catacombs you have to beat a giant fire salamanka at the end then pick up the ring of fire and look for another bag containing the ring of protection and another door will open at the back of that room (depending on where you are standing:cool:
  • if I have you right you are at the end where you have to move the six blocks. from the entrance in to the room push the last one on the right then the one next to it on the left, then back to the entrance push the first one on the right then second on the right. back to entrance and push first on the left then second. this will open the door at the end leading you to the giant salamanca.