Corrupt files
  • I bought the "Conflift: Global storm" dvd for PS2, but I'm missing the folloiwng files:
    1. M09PAL.pss
    2. M11PAL.pss

    would someone be able to tell me where to get them?

  • The only way your PS2 game could be missing files is if the game is a burned copy of the original. If that is the case you won't be getting any help here as we are 100% against game piracy.
  • Many thanks for your reply. It is not a pirated copy. The dvd I was using started to get stuck in the middle of the game, and I wanted to re-write it in a new dvd, but while transferring the file it said that these two files were corrupted.

    Could you please help?
  • The only places you would be able to maybe get those files are sites that provide illegal copies. At any rate, you would not be able to use the backup unless you had the system modded.

    You may be better off trying the original disc again, maybe checking it for dirt or scratches. It's possible the game may have something blocking the system's ability to read that area of the disc. If it is a scratch you should be able to get it resurfaced at a used game store or used music store.
  • Many thanks for your reply. I come from a country where TV broadcasting first began in 1999!. So the "used game store or used music store" is out of question and yeah the dvd has lots of scratches. We get PS2 Dvds from Bangkok, and there are only three video rental shops who sell them.

    It is really kindda hard for us to get the original Dvds I guess.
  • I see. Well, I'm afraid your only option may be to order another copy of that game if resurfacing the one you have isn't available.
  • Many thanks for your time. I guess I do ought to buy a new one. Thanks once again