• Hey, I got a question.
  • The only real codes i could find were for gameshark. The only other things i could find were more hints:

    Infinite Health
    Falling from a great distance will still cause damage, but shots from enemies and explosions will not hurt you.

    Infinite Ammo
    Mines and Grenades will still deplete, but ammo for all weapons will be infinite.
    Do NOT use this code with other weapon codes
  • Have you ever checked out ......There are codes for all weapons and ammo , plus you can Max out Health during game play by pushing a button combination......Red Faction was a great game.....Hope this helps.....Later, Doc :cool:
  • does anybody know how to get to Griffin in the admin area and how to complete this area? I keep getting killed no matter were I go!
  • Ok, Bhightow1. I'm sending you a site that includes a walkthrough for Red Faction. I hope that it helps you in all of your Red Faction FPS action gaming. Feel free to continue asking as many questions as you need to and I or the other great API members will find you an accurate and speedy answer. Well, I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • thanks mad. i replied to ur pm.
    for anyone that wants a good walkthru/cheats/tips site, pm me. I found a good one.
    I just rented RedFac and think it's pretty cool. I like the Rambo aspect and the weapons are pretty cool, not too unrealistic, like Duke Nukem's arsenal which I think is too way out there. But then I'm more of a MOH fan. I went through the game easily (easy mode) on my own til I got to the admin area where u have to use stealth to get through. I thought this part of the game sucked. thats when I found and used the walkthru. It's not always the best way or the most fun way, but it'll get u thru areas that I got stuck for too long trying to figure out and got board.
    I like the game so far when I'm just Rambo'ing my way along, but I think they should leave that stealth crap out and the leading the other characters around making sure they don't get killed (especially when your in stealth mode!) It sucked! When I play a 1st person shooter, I just want to kill everything in site. I don't want to put on disguises that don't work and hide from everyone, for 4 hours!! If I want a game that takes me 4 hours to get out of 1 room, I'll go rent Tomb Raider! :laugh: I did like the ease of L3 and R3 (joysticks)control with the PS2 power. Very smooth. I'm looking forward to MOH3 and 4 on the PS2. :thumbsup:
  • anyone know how to get thru the "Unexepected Gargo" area?
    U know where you have to get out of the shuttle bay before it explodes. I know u have to jump on the conveyour belt going to the door on the right of where u enter. I missed it the first time. But I saw the door open once after that, 2 mercs came out and blocked me from entering until I killed them. By the time I ran to the end, time ran out! I cannot get it to open again, I don't know why it opened once but not again!
    do I have start back from a different load?
  • Okay, I figured it out. right after the load, SAVE IMMEDIATELY! after U save U have very few seconds to complete this level. Don't stand and fight any Mercs, just RUN to the door on the left and just step off the catwalk and run into the conveyer belt door on the right. just shoot and jump or run thru the mercs here, If you stand and fight anywhere in this level you'll probably run out of time. keep running down the conveyer belt