flash drive problems
  • my ps3 will not play music off the flashdrive should it if so how do i do it
  • The PS3 will only play certain formats of audio files (ATRAC, MP3, MP4, .wav and .wma). if the music you are trying to play are not in these forms the PS3 cannot recognize them. Also, the PS3 will not play audio files with DRM (digital rights management) measures in place. If these files are songs you bought from, say, iTunes they will not work on the PS3.

    Now, if the music is the right format you should be able to play them easily. First you would go to the Music menu, highlight the USB device and hit the triangle button. And the menu that comes up, select "show all files". This should bring up all the music files that are on the drive. From here highlight the file you want to play, hit triangle and select "play".