Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets PS1 Gnome throwing.hagrids hut.
  • Hi

    So I've completed the game (Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets for ps1) and now I've gone back to the Gryffindor commom room. I've got 22 Famous Witches and Wizards cards and I've defeated all of the Founder Duels. I've got all 4 founders cars. I read in the manual that to get into the secret tower thing I have to complete my folio magi (get all cards) soooo I've got 22. In 'Colins photo album' theres only 2 I haven't done. There's the fobidden forest, I know how you get the card and I've done it but after I've gone through all the trolls and into the end it goes black then crashes (annoying!) It's like I'm waiting for the autosave sign to come up but it never does. So I've been restarting it and obviously then I've lost the card.
    The other one I haven't done is Gnome throwing in Hagrid's pumpkin patch. I've beat the score loads of times but it just ends up saying. You've beat your high score, wasn't that fun do you want to play again (without giving me the card I need!!!! I've been hitting the egg, the scarecrow and the bird table all in one go but not the barrel. How do I get the card??

    Please help coz I'm really annoyed :(

    x x x
  • I'm honestly not sure what else could be done for those last two cards. Maybe completing the game without them made them impossible to get to.
  • ou can't get them card with out starting all over.You have to hit the targets to win the cards.