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  • Hey Jim,

    I'm stuck trying to get Golden scarab #24. The walk through that I have say you're suppose to use a wall run (going up) and then press the square button (attack button)on the right side of the train. Well, I've been trying this for the past 30 minutes and have yet to see it work. Can you help a brother out!

  • Jim B STAFF said:
    Ask any questions you have about Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3 here and our experts will reply within 24 hours.


    Hi there!

    I would like to know how to pass boss (alma) from chapter 9.
  • This is for normal difficulty so if you are playing on higher than that let us know.

    Alma has 4 attacks- multiple fireballs, flying pillars, a kamikaze dive and a "snatch and grab" attack. Avoid Alma's attacks and use Flying Swallow to inflict damage. If you miss, quickly jump away to avoid the retaliation. When Flying Swallow does connect she falls and is vulnerable for a few seconds- jump in and use Blade of Nirrti to knock the health bar down. Repeat the flying swallow/ blade pattern until defeated.
  • hey jim,

    im in need of some help im in chapter 7 in the underground tunnel im at the switch and it says to use a heavy weapon to hit switch what weapon is needed and where can i get it ? thanx
  • If this is for the platform in the Tomb of Eons a downward strike should trigger the switch.
  • when i try to install ninja gaiden sigma it doesnt go past 59%. the text still scrolls behind so its not frozen but not frozen going past 59%. i dont know how to erase the installation and start over without formatting the whole card
  • When you get yourself back to the main menu screen of the PS3 go into the Game Data Utility on the PS3 and you should see a file there for NGS. Just delete that, no need for a full reformatting.
  • Thanks, tried that and it still stopped at 59% and it wont load new game. im going to try returning it for another
  • Yeah, i would recommend returning the game for another and see if the problem persists.
  • HI,
    I've just started playing this game and I am already stuck!! I am at Dworku city and I cannot figure out how to smash the false walls (3 of them now) to move on in the game. It says "the wall is weakened and a blow with blunt heavy object" should smash it. I have tried everything I can think of (alll my weapons including projectile and ninpo) and just cant figure it out. Can someone help a novice out?
  • Have you tried an incendiary shuriken, RJTS...?
  • on chapter 6 battle of the fiends can get by the two men on motorbikes and the 3 dragons any tips on the last fiend
  • If you mean the boss battle with Hydracubus, use Flying Swallow to slice off the two tentacles. This makes the boss able to take damage until they grow back.

    You will need to be ready to dodge when the boss does a lunge attack with the tentacles. Also, if you get too far away you'll be shot at with acid balls- try to stay close.

    Once you do have the tentacles lopped off use an Ultimate Technique and a
    Blade Of Nirrti attack to really take down the health. Just keep this up and it should be one of the easier battles in the game.