• I keep on running out of time when dropping off the three creates on Pedros Pawn shop mission. Can anyone help? Thanks.:o
  • I have the same problem no one seems to understand its not possible
  • There is no set way to do it. All we can suggest is that you keep the cop heat as low as possible and step on it!
  • I usually play games without cheats UNTIL I get "stuck." Then I use cheats.
    Here are cheats for Scarface and they may help ya out...

    Pause the game and select the "Cheats" option, then enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat. Mission cheats are unlocked after playing a mission.

    Babylon Club Redux mission
    Enter "S13" as a code.

    Cabana Cigar/Oakely Drive-In mission
    Enter "DW_FRON" as a code.

    Deliver mission
    Enter "S12" as a code.

    Freedom Town Redux mission
    Enter "S07A" as a code.

    Marina Storage mission
    Enter "F_M_SHA" as a code.

    Nacho Contreras mission
    Enter "S09" as a code.

    Nacho's Tanker mission
    Enter "S10" as a code.

    The Dock Boss mission
    Enter "A51" as a code.

    Un-Load mission
    Enter "S11" as a code.

    Full health
    Enter "MEDIK" as a code.

    Full ammunition
    Enter "AMMO" as a code.

    1,000 Balls (trigger blind rage)
    Enter "FPATCH" as a code.

    Repair vehicle
    Enter "TBURGLR" as a code.

    Decrease cop heat
    Enter "FLYSTRT" as a code.

    Decrease gang heat
    Enter "NOBALLS" as a code.

    Increase cop heat
    Enter "DONUT" as a code.

    Increase gang heat
    Enter "GOBALLS" as a code.

    Ariel MK III race car
    Enter "OLDFAST" as a code.

    Enter "666999" as a code.

    Enter "DOZER" as a code.

    Odin VH88 dump truck
    Enter "DUMPER" as a code.

    Bodog Stampede
    Enter "BUMMER" as a code.

    "The World Is Yours" song by BReal
    Enter "TUNEME" as a code.

    Black suit
    Enter "BLACK" as a code.

    Blue suit
    Enter "BLUE" as a code.

    Blue suit with shades
    Enter "BLUESH" as a code.

    Grey suit
    Enter "GRAY" as a code.

    Grey suit with shades
    Enter "GRAYSH" as a code.

    Hawaiian shirt
    Enter "HAWAII" as a code.

    Hawaiian shirt with shades
    Enter "HAWAIIG" as a code.

    Sandy shirt
    Enter "SANDY" as a code.

    Sandy shirt with shades
    Enter "SANDYSH" as a code.

    White suit
    Enter "WHITE" as a code.

    White suit with shades
    Enter "WHITESH" as a code.

    Change time of day
    Enter "MARTHA" as a code.

    Enter "SHAZAAM" as a code.

    Enter "RAINY" as a code.

    Commit suicide
    Enter "KILTONY" as a code.

    Get stronger weapons earlier
    Some characters like the assassin and enforcer have stronger weapons. For example, play as the enforcer and call for one of Tony's cars. Once it arrives, go to the weapons trunk. Place the grenade launcher in the trunk, then switch back to Tony. When you go to the weapons trunk, the grenade launcher will still be there. You can do the same thing with the assassin to get the PSG-1.

    Easy money
    Go down the road from your mansion. Teft turn at the end to the parking lot where the trailer is parked in the corner of the yellowish brick wall. Enable the "1,000 Balls" code to fill your Balls meter. After enabling the code, exchange your Balls for money. Repeat this as many times as desired. The higher your rep, the more money you will get for your Balls.

    In Little Havana, start at the front entrance of Pedro's pawn shop. Go south until you get to the auto clinic then turn right. At the southern end of the auto clinic building you will see a yellow pole separating the building and a wall. Go through this small doorway and all the way to the back to find a sperm bank, where you can sell your Balls. Keep enabling the "1,000 Balls" code and selling your Balls to get an unlimited amount of money.

    Go to the industrial zone and look for the sperm bank. They will give you $25,000 for your Balls. Enable the "1,000 Balls" code and just keep cashing in your Balls.

    On Sandman Island, look for any Sandman leads that put you in a boat. Shoot the targets, then destroy their boats to have two crates appear; one with money and one with ammunition. Collect both crates for a nice amount of ammunition and money. This is an easy way to get money and ammunition, since you do not have any time limits on the boat missions.

    To get better deals from drug suppliers, make sure your Gang Heat is low. You will get more product for the same amount of money. This especially helps if your Gang Heat and Cop Heat is at zero. 30 kg at $100,000 should net you $13 to $15 million.

    On the island with the docks and winding roads, go by where the docks are located, at the top right corner of the island on the map. Follow the road to the building (the orange spot with the bank symbol on it). There should be a building with a sign that reads "Bodog"; it is a bar. There should be a cage as soon as you walk in, where you can bet on cock fights and people fighting. You can bet as high as $25,000. There is also a casino in that building where you can also make money.

    Sell some drugs, then shoot the drug dealer in the legs, but do not kill him. If you kill him you will get gang heat. Let your henchmen make the kill and you will not get any gang heat.

    Easy money and drugs
    After selling drugs to a dealer, kill him and take his money and drugs.

    Duplicate henchman
    Push your henchman with Square. While he is falling, call your limo. If done correctly, you should now have two henchmen.

    Killing gang members
    Enable the "Bodog Stampede" code. Then, go after the gangs with it. The gun will have infinite ammunition and enough armor to take them all out. If the vehicle becomes badly damaged, enable the "Repair vehicle" code. However, you must move the Bodog Stampede once in awhile or they will pull you out. This also is very useful when taking over the storehouses because of all the armor it has.

    Avoiding shark attacks
    If your character is ever stranded in the water, try to stay near large objects or boats in the water while swimming. As long as you are near a large object, the shark will not attack and you will even be able to sprint swim to other large objects (as long as they are not far away), until you get to a place that is out of danger. Additionally, if you have no soundtrack playing at the time the music will change to a "Jaws"-like tune. This indicates that the shark is after you; find a large object to swim to quickly.

    Montana investments
    You can find these under the "Exotics" menu, and "Investments" option. The purpose of the investments is to provide different upgrades. You will need at least $1.5 million ($40 million for Montana Legal and $20 million for Montana Sports) to purchase most of these investments. The investments will help you level up faster.

    Montana Records: Unlocks new music tracks and create a new playlist.

    Montana Holdings: Fronts will cost you 10% less to purchase.

    Montana Fitness: All your henchmen gain 50% health.

    Montana Productions: Unlocks all of Tony's clothing options in the cheat menu.

    Montana Legal: Visibility Events reduced by half (cops look the other way).

    Montana Sports: Maximum bets go up for all your gambling.

    Montana Financial: Launder all of your cash with 0% interest.

    Montana Defense: Carry an extra weapon and maximum ammunition.

    Go to the Babylon Club, then go to the main area and hold L1. Tony will start to dance. You can make Tony spin by pressing R1. You can also use your Enforcer, Driver, etc. to dance at the club as well. Just press L1 to start dancing and R1 to spin.

    Shark attack
    Save the game before attempting the following. Go into the ocean from anywhere and start swimming, preferably away from land. After a while a giant shark should will appear and eat Tony.
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