15 points? What 15 points?
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    So, i don't know if you know this but I am a BIG, in fact HUGE, Leeds United fan.
    This season is the first time I've been able to buy a season ticket though due to lack of funding...in other words I've always been skint :eek:
  • Jay

    your head is in your ....ahem... elland road son. I know the were docked 15 points for trying to avoid a punishment for bankrupcy but the days of leeds in champions league semi finals are never to return. They owe too much money and few will be willing to support them financially again. Unless of course some uberwealth fruit loop decides that the best way to launder his gains is through the whites of LUFC :o
  • Exsqueeze me? Actually our debts are now 100% gone.

    We're finally back on an even footing AND, more importantly, the ER crowds are growing again. 24,000 two weeks ago (something like the THIRD biggest crowd in the entire football league) and Sat was 26,000 and this Sat will be even higher.

    Just you wait and see. We'll see how we are doing at Xmas, if we're in the top half of league 1 (preferably in top 5 or 6) then we're in the championship next season after only one season out of it.

    We are by far the best team in League 1 as proved by looking at The REAL League 1 Table where we are the only team with a 100% record. and, as stated, we are the only team in EVERY top flight division (don't know about conference downwards) that has a perfect start after only 4 games.

    So there :p lol