Blu-Ray online?
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    I was dissapointed when I realized that the PS3 doesn't really support DVD-Rom features yet, even though it says so on the box (This experiment was recently conducted by me with a new release DVD-Rom movie. I just could not believe that it didn't work). I wrote to Sony about it, and got the usual copy and pasted reply. It was such a worthless and unhelpful reply, I immediately deleted it after skimming.

    Anyway, now I am wondering if Blu-Ray movies will be able to go online for special features (I am primarily asking about the PS3, I don't own a separate Blu-Ray player). Why do I ask that? Because I saw an interesting advertisement in a magazine today for the "Heroes Season 1 HDDVD". It said "Special Online-enabled Bonus features". I said, "What?" (See here for details on the online features of that HDDVD - it isn't coming to Blu-Ray)

    I don't have an HDDVD player, so I guess I didn't even think about HDDVDRom movies for some reason.

    Can Blu-Ray movies also go online, or is it the same situation as with DVD-Rom movies? I have watched a number of Blu-Ray movies, but haven't seen one with any online features yet, so I don't know if any have had that yet.

    You're probably wondering why I want to get online movie features so bad :p. Well, I like movies, I like special features, and I am just curious OK? Anyone know what's up?
  • Geez, where is everybody these days? :rolleyes:
  • Maybe it's cause the answer is obvious? :p lol
  • I would think it would not be a problem for the movie companies to add in this sort of thing- for whatever reason they just seem to be ignoring being able to do that. Maybe once things get more certain about the so-called format wars they will get going on this.
  • Jason F Staff said:
    Maybe it's cause the answer is obvious? :p lol

    Obvious to you maybe, Einstein, but it isn't to me. Thanks for always being so gosh darn helpful.
  • MCWHAMMER said:
    Obvious to you maybe, Einstein, but it isn't to me. Thanks for always being so gosh darn helpful.

    You are so very welcome :)

    Seriously though, I believe there was a story written by the Sony bigwigs, possibly on the Playstation Blog but not 100% sure, that mentioned about the full capabilities of Blu-Ray, which included Blu-Ray movies.
    In this story it was mentioned about the "extras" that Blu-Rays are capable of having which included, I believe, online capabilities.
    Now don't take my word for it as fact, it was a couple of months ago now when I read it so I'm going off my memory, which isn't that good at the best of times.
    They certainly have the capabilities of having many different features, which one would presume would include online capabilities.

    If I could remember for definite if it was on the Playstation Blog, then I would go find it for you and copy and paste the features it mentioned, but I'm not sure so I haven't really got the time to look through the different stories on that site to possibly find out that in fact it wasn't on there.

    I definitely remember seeing the story online somewhere, but I'm pretty positive it was on that site, just not 100% sure.

    Perhaps that was a slightly better answer for you? I hope so :)

  • Couldnt find anything on the blog...????

    If i find anything elsewhere, i'll be straight back here... ;)
  • I stumbled upon a Wikipedia article about Blu-ray online. It is a lot more informative than what has been previously posted in this thread. It's actually called BD-J or Blu-ray Java. I haven't read any of the article yet, because I wanted to post it here first for anyone who was also wondering what I was wondering.

    It lists all of the Blu-ray movies that have and will feature the program, so it's pretty cool. I'm gonna go read it in full now.
  • THAT'S IT!!!!! That's what I was on about MCW. I read about the Blu-Ray Java, I just couldn't remember what it was called was all.

    There was an article about it, well part of an article, at the bottom of an article about Blu-Ray disks in general including the games and the movies. It was the last bit about the movies where it went on about the Bonus Content. It apparently allows access to the, I'm not sure if it's the. Playstation Network, some kind of online thingy anyway, which allows you to view the online enabled content of the Blu-Ray Movie Disk. Among the things you can view, I believe, will be things like Actor/Actress Bios, Character Bios (characters in the movie), and other such stuff.

    I just wish I could remember where I saw that original article because it explained it all brilliantly. Well not 100% clear as to what it could do, but it gave a good run down of the things movie studios could put on the Bonus Content section of the Blu-Ray disks.

    God if only I could remember where I saw the article, it's VERY frustrating that I cant :frown:
  • Jason F Staff said:
    THAT'S IT!!!!! That's what I was on about MCW. I read about the Blu-Ray Java, I just couldn't remember what it was called was all.

    I think the coolest part was that you can put Java games on Blu-ray discs. I don't think that was possible on DVD, so that'll be cool for something like a Resident Evil Blu-ray that could have maybe a side-scroller type java zombie-killin' game on there. It'd definitely fit well.

    The article said "Speed" Blu-ray had a game on there. Wonder what that's like? It also says there is a game on "Dead Man's Chest". I guess I could rent that Blu-ray to see what's up.
  • Well I found, via the website, the press release from Sony given out in August 2006, 31st I think it says, that had all info. about the PS3 and Blu-Ray in a basic PDF file format.
    You can get the file directly from here.
    In order to view this file, as it's a PDF Document, you will need Adobe Reader.

    Look at page 13 and it will give you a basic understanding of what movie developers can choose to add to their online features section of the Blu-Ray disks.

    Hope that helps a little bit for everyone, including you MCW :)

  • This actually looks v.exciting.....:D :D
    I cant wait for it to fully be integrated into Blu-Ray disks..:)