Resident Evil help
  • Hi,
    I'm new around...
    Could any one in the hiuse assist on how to acquire the Crest in the room with all the pictures.. that says "Give me a piece of death and I will give you the Joy of Life".... in (RESIDENT EVIL GAME - PSone)
  • Take a look at the paintings- you'll see they are of people in various stages of life. Check the paintings going from birth to death in order.

    First check the new born baby, there's a switch at the bottom,
    press it. Then check the infant, then the lively boy, then the
    young man. Then the middle age'd man. Then the old man and after
    that finally check the final painting at the end of the hall,
    if you checked the paintings in the right order then it will
    fall off revealing a STAR CREST , take it.