PSOne won't load certain games
  • I'm quite a newbie when it comes to tech stuff like this, so yeah I have a few questions:

    1. My friend recently got a few realllllly old games. They work for the PSX, but not for the PSOne. What he did was put this funny disc in, then put the game in, and it worked. Is this illegal or something?

    2. My PSOne loads things really slowly. I was playing Final Fantasy 8, and there's this part where it ALWAYS freezes and the disc just stops running. It does this with other games too, except I have to wait 20 seconds after each battle. What's going on?
  • Sounds like your friend is doing the old swap disc method to use imported games. That isn't illegal but if the discs happen to be copies of the original discs, those would be.

    As for your system, I'm afraid it may be on its last legs. The laser is having trouble reading the discs, most likely due to age. At tis point you may want to consider picking up a cheap PS2 unit to keep playing and also expand your game selection.
  • Alright, thanks. It does look pretty beat up, a family member gave it to me before he left for university. Strange thing is it played some games perfectly though. Anyways, I have a couple more questions in response to your post:

    1. How do I tell if the discs are copies or not?

    2. I've heard that playing PSX/One games on PS2 will cause it to malfunction or something. Is this true?

    Thanks for your time.
  • Normal PSOne discs, as you may have noticed, have a black bottom on them. If the color on your friend's discs is silver (like a DVD) odds are good they are not the original discs. The artwork on top may be a bit off as well.

    Wherever you heard that from is dead wrong. The system was designed to play both the PSOne and PS2 games. You can even use your original controllers and memory cards so all you would have to get rid of is the malfunctioning console itself.