• sorry if this is a repeat question but i am brand new at this.i have had my ps 2 for awhile and i bought a game and it has a blue back it comes up has disc reading error.my grandson has a game like this also.any way of getting them to work.
    appreciate any help
  • Not a problem- happens a lot in this biz. :)

    PS2 games with a blue back on them are games on CD-ROMs- these were the early PS2 games. Soon after all PS2 games were put on DVD discs. They have a silver back to them.

    Have a look at the bottom of the disc, holding it at an angle. If you see any scratches on there, this is why the game can't be read by the system. Those scratches are keeping the PS2 from reading the data on the disc.

    This can be fixed, however- most used music stores and some game stores offer disc resurfacing for a very small fee (under $10). Check around your area for places that do this sort of thing.