PSP remote Port Problem
  • Anyone know wether this is a common problem on the psp. Bought a replacement logic3 remote for my sons imported psp but wont work, however it does work on my sons friends UK psp. SOny reckon that the Remote port may be broke. Is it fixable???? He is desperate to get on socom game online and chat , his earphones work fine so reckon the remote connection must be kaput!!!!
  • It most likely would be fixable but it would have to be done by Sony themselves. Thing is, seeing as it is an import your local Sony reps have no responsibility to do so- they are only responsible for taking care of units sold for their region.

    You would likely have to contact the Sony tech support for the region that PSP was originally meant for regarding repairs. If it is over a year old, however, the warranty is up and you would have to pay for repair.

    In the end it may be less expensive to pick up a new PSP locally and have a fresh one year warranty in case something happens again. If your son is able to wait a few weeks the new model PSPs are coming out- besides being a bit slimmer and lighter they also have video out capability, meaning you could see the action on your tv when hooked up.
  • Thanks for your reply. Yeah reckon will look to replace his present one with the new PSP Lite.