• Sorry to bother you folks, but when it comes to updates, does anyone have directions to a web site that explains what and how to use the newsest upgrades that are at out disposal.

    I imagine that I could've taken notes but however I neglected to do so.

    To the best of my understanding, I should be able to download PS2 files from my PS3 to a mem-card, but can't seem to figure it out.

    There must be an idiots guide out there somewhere, any help would be nice.

    Thanks guys.
  • If you mean download from a site, i think not. Most of those available had been done using third party devices that wrap the files- you would need the same device to unwrap them.

    However, you can transfer game saves back to a PlayStation 2 memory card from the virtual card on your PS3- all you need is the memory card adapter. Highlight the save you want to move and hit the triangle button. From the menu that comes up hit 'copy" and you should be able to transfer a copy over.
  • Er are you sure about that Lyn? I seem to remember reading that the memory card adaptor for the PS3 only allows transfer of saves one way. I thought they become unusable when put on the PS3.

    I'll double check that info but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

    On to the PS website to read up on it...
    Be back soon with an edit...

    (I apologise in advance if I've got that wrong, I'll give the definite answer after I've checked up on it, ok?)


    Edit: Found the info.

    I apologise, you CAN write BACK to the PS2 memory cards with the memory card adaptor as a firmware update for the PS3 dealt with this issue.
    Once again, I apologise, but I just wanted to make sure. No use giving you info. if we haven't checked on it, right? :)