• my ps2 has a problem , it plays the black or colored disks games find but when it comes to silver disk games it's saying can't read.
    what is this ? help!:(
  • The PS2 has 2 lenses for the laser- one for CDs (the colored bottom discs) and DVDs (the silver bottom). Your system's DVD lens is thrown off enough that it will not read the discs.

    A quick search for "PS2 lens alignment" will bring up numerous pages telling how you can fix this yourself. However, the solution requires taking the top off the system and going in among the circuitry a bit.

    For this reason i only recommend these solutions as a last resort and only if you know what you are doing. I have seen many cases of people getting in a rush and accidentally knock a cable loose then can't get it reconnected, making the system completely useless.