• This may be a dumb question but I need to know how to increase your ring power. I tried Summoning alot but they don't gain anything. My Summoning strength is at 14. Please help me. Thanks.
  • Well, this question may sound even dumber, but which FF are you refering to?
  • What's an FF?
  • What game are you referring to.
  • Just so you know, FF is short for Final Fantasy. :)
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    [b]He's talking about Summoner for the PS2 guys.

    Dark Summoner,you may want to take a lok at the walkthrough available for this game by clicking here.There is a brief explanation as to how the rings get more powerful early into it.

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  • Hey thanks Lyndon, you know I guess that my ring power never inscresed because I was at level 50 at the beging of the game, sorry for the dumb question.