• Ok... I was cleaning my laser lense, and while I removed the sticker that stuck the cable to the case, and from there to the reset/eject buttons, etc., when in one place the cable ripped slightly. Ahem...:o :o :o Is there anyway to fix this, or replace it, or am I truly SoL?
  • You are SOL, I think.

    This is just the sort of thing i told another poster about when going in to fix a lens problem yourself- it is all too easy to do just as you did.
  • Well, crap. So I can't just tape the part that ripped back together? Or solder it or something? Ok... Is there a part I can buy?
  • Afraid not- Sony doesn't sell parts of the innards.
  • Damn you, Sony, and your "warranties"!! Maybe I'll just get a new PS2..
  • I saw some cheap busted PS2s on ebay maybe you can get the cable from there. Good luck