Network Access Disk
  • Hi to all!!! Is it possible TO DOWNLOAD FREE Playstation Network Access Disk ?? If it is, can somebody provide me with url. I have PS2SLIM. & did not get with it Network Access Disk. Does it come with ps2 usualy? Thans anyway..:confused:
  • I had done searches before for this and came up with nothing- if someone does have a .osi file of the disc available they are keeping it very well hidden.

    You may want to try registering over at - it is the online registry for Sony's European PS2 online play. You will need the network access code for your machine, which should be found in the various bits of reading that came with it.
  • Thanks for the reply about Network Access Disk . More problemos..But my warranty for ps2 has expired aand i didnot keep the all things & paper that i get with it. Can Network Access Code be found on may
    PS2 back side or INSIDE of it?? Anyway thanks.(Somewone said that when you buy a new PS2SLIM in europe Network Access Disk must be provided with PS2. I think that is not the case i Croatia stores..) Thanks.. :confused:
  • I have a bad feeling the number you need is part of the paperwork you didn't keep. I do not think it is on the PS2 itself- if it is it would be on the back of the system. I'm doubtful if it is there, however. You may have to contact Sony about getting a new access code.