• Hi people

    I know this is a common thing to talk about, but i would just like some help in getting connected to the internet with the ps3.

    My parents are with Tiscali at the momment and are using one of those Thomson SpeedTouch 330 External ADSL USB Modems. They are going to stay with Tiscali but ive managed to twist there arm into upgrading there package. This SHOULD mean that they will get a different modem, but im not sure.
    What should i do if the package is upgraded (faster download speeds etc) but the modem is not upgraded?
    And if they do send a different modem,can the pc and the ps3 use the internet (stay connected) at the same time or will i have to buy a router?

    P.S. If i have to buy a router, could u please give me some ideas if the best ones to buy around £50.

  • What is it with ISPs over there using USB modems- trying to make less effort for installing?

    When they do go to get the upgrade have them ask if you can get a modem that uses ethernet cable to connect to the computer. This way you can use just about any router out there.

    If it turns out they can't you still have an option. Some routers are available with the modems built in, making for one less box connected. A good example (and likely the best choice) is the Linksys AG241 VPN ADSL2 Router. Amazon UK has it available for £35.64- well within your price range.
  • ok thanks for the help, Once its all sorted i'll let u know.