Question Bout Playing Online
  • if u play online on the ps3 do only need wireless internet? or do i need something for the ps3, and do i have to pay monthly or anything?
  • There is no monthly fee to play online other than what is being charged by your internet provider now to get online in the first place. The only exceptions we may see down the road is maybe if someone puts out an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) such as Final fantasy 11 on the PS2- Square charged a monthly fee for that, if you'll recall.

    The 60 GB system does have wifi built in so if you have a wireless router in place to share your connection you should be good to go- just have to go through the network Connection set up at the bottom of the PS3's Settings menu. If possible i would recommend going with a wired connection, however- the wireless signal has been rather flaky for some and not as reliable. Most wireless routers have ethernet ports on the back to allow this.
  • Not to contradict what Lyndon said, but if you have no choice but to go Wireless with your PS3, it works pretty good for me. I haven't had any major problems, with my wifi router at one end of the house, and PS3 at the other end. Just set up your router with some security, like a WEP Encryption Key, and that will keep out the neighbors.

    Online play is pretty easy on the PS3, I must say. If you ever do have a problem, it's usually a problem on the game server's individual end. It just means someone's updating.

    Go online :) It's fun and free with the PS3.
  • Go online It's fun and free with the PS3.

    Would be a good motto MCW... :D

    Its true aswell.....;)

    Oh, and i had my PS3 wireless for a small amount of time but then things started playing up so i switched to ethernet adaptors etc, and they work brilliantly..... :D
  • robcoxy said: i switched to ethernet adaptors etc, and they work brilliantly..... :D

    Personally I did that from the beginning. I've never tried my PS3 with a wireless connection.
    Obviously both my PSP and DS work brilliantly on Wi-Fi as that's what they are specifically designed to support, but I'm not sure if I'd chance it with my PS3.
    Not tried my Wii yet though as it's currently sitting back in its box and has been since before I got the internet at home :huh: