online net work disc
  • hi i need to buy a online net work disc but i got out bided on ebay so i have just singed this any way can you send me a online net work disc for under 10 pound or if you can send me one for free that would be good
  • I'm sorry, Zacky, but we do not have the disc to sell or give. We are not a part of Sony but an independent web site covering the systems.

    You may not necessarily need the disc- if you still have the various papers that came with your system your serial number for online play should be there. You can then go to to register your name for online play. Then, simply set up your PS2's connection using the routine found on most online-enabled games by selecting "make a new connection" when asked which connection to use.
  • no i have the serial number and all the stuff by the way i have the small ps2 new one any way i have joined and put all the stuff in but all i need now is that online ps2 disc to get my ps2 set up
  • As we mentioned above, zacky, you may not actually need that disc. Just about all of the games that have online play have the set up routine built in. When you put a game in and go to the online section select 'make a new connection' to get to it, then put in whatever info is needed and save that to your memory card.
  • i did all that and was going online but i said error and i had put to my motorola thing lol (it helps me go on line) and read that the disc will get my ps2 set up
  • It does help to be connected to the modem or router when trying to go online. ;)

    If you can't get hold of one from Sony themselves all i can suggest is giving it a go with eBay again- no doubt there are more than one available there.
  • ya any way i have a modem and have connected any way thanks for trying to help me