I know This Is Old
  • Ok, Im playing alone in The Dark 4: The New Nightmare.
    Im Using the Female alen I Think? And Its Killin My In the Very Begining Where Can I Get Her Some weapons? They Seem To Be No where and All the Seems Like the Doors Out Of That Attic? Are Lock'd.
  • Light is the weapon most of the enemies are weak against. In Attic Corridor 1 run straight to the fork and hit the light switch by the door here to get rid of the plant enemies.

    As you eventually make your way to Plant Room 3 you'll see a shiny bit on the desk- it is the 2nd Floor east Gilded Key. Take it and run past the plant that shows up. You'll find a couple more items in your travels, another first aid kit and magnesium bullets. leave this area through the same door you entered from- the other is locked.

    Go down the hall to the next door and enter. Turn right and go through the first door you come to. You can then use the key you picked up to unlock the door near the light switch.
  • Cool! Thanx There'll Be More ??'s To Come :D