motorstorm madness
  • ive recently downloaded the coyote revenge weekend pack from the platstation store and for some reason its not working????????? its saved in the utillites but get anyway to get to play it,this is the second time ive had probes with motor storm downloads,can anyone help? :huh:
  • Before downloading the Coyote weekend from the store you are supposed to go online with Motorstorm itself and download another update. once that is done go back and re-download the Coyote Weekend add-on.
  • thanks for the advice,updated the game then i went to redownload the revenge weekend and for some reason its not there anymore yet its still advertising it???????
  • Go into your download history and you will be able to download it again from there. You'll find the link up beside your PSN name in the store.
  • can you only play the revenge weekend online or is it avaliable as single player?:confused:
  • The new track is available both for the single player and in the online play, if information said about it is correct. You get 4 new racing tickets along with the track and new vehicles. I haven't checked it out myself- haven't been playing Motorstorm for some time now (busy with the japanese version of Hot Shots Golf).
  • when i redownloaded the revenge weekend it wiped all my current stats on motorstorm so i had to start from scratch,i cant seem to find it in the tickets if that is where it is nor can i find it any where else,the only thing i have got is the time attack,so what have i done wrong?