tomb raider legend
  • Hi in puru when you have to move the three rocks how do you get the third rock to fall down it is closed in big rock that I cannot reach please help me. Thanks
  • Put the first boulder on the right side pressure switch to reveal the ladder. The statue to your right will open up and reveal a ladder. Climb it as high as possible. Then swing over to the middle of the statue. Jump up a bit and then jump to the upper part of the statue. Climb up and you'll find another golden ball. Push it off. Climb back down the ladder and once you're in the middle, press O to release. Lara will grab the lower part of the ladder, so no worries. Once you made it to the ground, drag the new ball onto the middle pressure switch.

    Head over to the left side of the room and use the ball next to the switch. Once all three balls are in place a new scene pops up. You can now go to the center statue. Climb it and Lara will find what she was looking for.
  • Hi I know about that boulder after you put the other boulder on the right switch in puru but I cannot release the third boulder it is enclosed in a circle of rock.