viewing wide screen movies on the PS3
  • when I play a movie on the console it comes out at full screen even though the movie states that it is a wide screen. I've set the display output to scan and scroll, letterbox but only a movie like 300(in Blu-Ray) comes out in wide screen. I've had this problem with other Blu-Ray's to. I push the select on the PS3 remote which makes it wide but all the info is displayed also(time of movie,adio setting,lenth of movie.etc...)then push the display button on the remote it reverts back to full screen. can you give a guy a hand?
  • Most movies that say they are wide screen are recorded onto the disc with the letterboxing on there.

    You could try going down one more to "DVD Upscaler" and select "Full Screen" as your choice there if you are using a widescreen television. The selections in DVD Wide Display are more for televisions that are not widescreen.