• My son's PS2 slim got wet from his little brother peeing on it:o I cleaned & dried it up right away. I took the cover off and sprayed Air Duster all around it but, when I put it back together it would not work:frown: The red light was on and the green light would go on for only a second. I left it plugged in to dry some more and now the red light is also out:mad: I found this website and at the bottom it gave a sample of the repair manual showing how to replace the fuse but, I think it is for the earlier PS2. I don't think that would be the only problem since the power (red light) worked for awhile. What else should I loook for while I have the cover off? I found another website that sells a download manual but, it's also not compatiable with my Mac. Does anyone know where I can get one.

    Thanks for any help
  • You did notice they are charging for that guide? I removed the links because of that.

    I would say that PS2 is done- the "water" would have messed up the circuitry inside for good. besides, i wouldn't want to smell that once the circuitry inside warmed up a bit.
  • I don't mind paying $10 but it said it wasn't Mac compatiable. So I was wondering if anyone knew where I can get one or if there was some info on this forum. Sorry about the links I didn't know that wasn't allowed:redface:
    I took care of the smell with some lysol on the outside cover, although the console didn't warm up yet:eek:
  • I tried a search for 'free ps2 repair guide' and that didn't bring up much better results other than some sites that used free in their tags but actually linked to sites that charged for it. :frown: To be honest, most of them looked somewhat suspicious as to their authenticity as well.