crash b warped - fruit bazooka
  • I was given a playstation (with crash b warped). No instructions with it. I am having too much fun but... I did defeat N Gin so I should have the fruit bazooka but I can't seem to access it. I have to admit, probably due to the excitment of finally defeating N Gin, I don't remember what the directions said after I won. My controls are on the left - direction buttons; on the right - symbols. Help, how do I get and use the fruit bazooka. I know I defeated him due to fact I can go to next level, but I fear maybe I didn't pick it up or something. You can tell I am new and haven't the slightest idea so, help please. Thanks.
  • You don't have to pick up the bazooka, it's awarded automatically. To use it hold down the R2 button and then use the button with the circle symbol to fire away.
  • Thanks you for the directions, but, ok, I am really new and dumb to all this but what is R2, I don't have anything that says R2. As said the left side has directions (left,right etc - 4 buttons). The right has the symbols. I think I have pressed everything and get nothing. Again, this is probably so basic and dumb but I want and need to know.
  • Have a look at the top of your controller- you'll see more buttons along the top. The one closest to the back of the controller on the right hand side is the R2.
  • Thank you! I have fruit bazooka, now must redo all levels with it so much fun. For my controls it turns out to be L2, but hey it works. Thanks again.