• My silver slim line Playstation 2 isn't working correctly.
    I've had it for just over 7 months, bought it brand new from Amazon.


    It's become (overnight) very noisy. Like an electric fan, not completely continuous noise, a bit broken. Sounds like it's struggling from the moment it switches on.

    I tried to play San Andreas; it wouldn't get past the title sequence.
    Then tried to play FF8. It worked (slowly and with lots of noise/effort) but the fight scenes were extremely slow to load. Then after a couple of fight scenes it froze.

    Hasn't worked since.

    Recently found out my mum let my little cousins play on it while I was staying with my bf. V.angry. V.annoyed. This would be my second playstation. My first one my brother sold to me when I was younger for a fair bit of money knowing it was going to break in a matter of days...:mad:

    Any help/advice would be great!

    Thanks xx
  • i would say the fan inside may be clogged up a bit with dust. try taking the vacuum hose and use it against the vents to get whatever dust may be inside.
  • I asked some other people on another website and I got the answer back that it was the circuit board and that I'd need to send it off to an expert.

    I like your answer better :-)

    I'll take the hoover to it first and see how it goes.