just got ps3 and playstation network doesn't work!!!
  • this is really bugging me, i got a belkin wireless router for the pc, and on the ps3 it reads the wireless internet, i got a system update and and signed up to ps network, but afterwards i try to sign in but it doesn't sign in! whats wrong????????????
  • The last firmware update had been causing some log in problems on some systems- they plan on releasing a fix soon.
  • so...do u know when its gonna get fixed?
  • The update is out now- you should be able to download and install it through your System Update.
  • just downloaded the update but still dont work :( on the internet test it said that it connected to the internet but did not connect to the playstation network what is up?
  • Hmm... you may need to check/ change some settings on your router. It's possible it may be blocking the ports needed to get a connection. Go into the port Forwarding and make sure you have these ports open:

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658
  • im not too sure how i should go through this :confused: but here's how the outlay of the page goes...
    Firewall > Virtual Servers

    This function will allow you to route external (Internet) calls for services such as a web server
    (port 80), FTP server (port 21), or other applications through your Router to your internal network. More Info
    Remaining number of entries that can be configured: 32

    Server Name:
    Select a Service:
    Custom Server:
    Server IP Address: ...

    this part is a table...

    -External Port Start- -External Port End- -Protocol- -Internal Port Start- -Internal Port End-

    (note the protocol section has a drop down bar to change from TCP to UDP)
    could u tell me what to do (sorry about rubbish outlay)
  • Under "custom server" you would say "PlayStation 3" and put the IP address you have given it in the IP Address blank.

    In the table you would simply put the port numbers in (for the single ports put the same number in the External port Start and External Port End) and select whether it is TCP or UDP in the drop down menu beside each one. Once everything is in place save the settings.
  • just done it but it still doesnt work, whats the prob?, is there ppl with the same problem?
  • I'm not sure what else you can try other than maybe setting up a custom IP address for the PS3 under the router's DHCP section. If all else fails you may want to contact Sony themselves and have them walk you through it over the phone.