Playstation disc read problem
  • I have a slim playstation 2. Ive had it for about 8 months and has worked fine. Right now it still loads all discs, and most games play. However the past couple days most of the games play and load a little slower then they were.
    The big problem is, I was playing Tiger Woods 08, and everything loads fine until you go to enter a round of golf or skip one. then it freezes. Every time. So far its the only game that freezes but the others definately arent working as well. Any ideas?
  • The lens could be getting a bit of dirt build up- you could try cleaning it with a q-tip and a verrrrrrrrrry small bit of rubbing alcohol or use a DVD lens cleaning kit, available at most department and electronics stores.

    You may also want to check the game discs themselves for any dirt or fingerprints. This can make it harder for the system to read the data- you can clean the discs with a soft cloth, wiping from the center outwards. Do NOT follow the grooves.
  • I know its not the discs cause after it didnt work with a rented i game, i actually went out and bought a copy of tiger 08 and it did the exact same thing on the exact same spot every time. Could it be a laser problem like some of this other stuff that I could open up and fix? I bought the system refurbished so I know its past warranty
  • It is possible the laser may be starting to go on it. That system could have had a problem with that when they were fixing it up and not spotted- sometimes "refurbishing" means as little as reconnecting one wire.

    There are sites that sell replacement lasers for the PS2- if you are familiar enough with doing this sort of thing you could try replacing it. I'm afraid i can't link you to any sites, however- we have rules in place regarding linking to commercial sites plus some of these tend to deal with items of a quasi-legal nature such as mod chips (which we are against the use of here).
  • I appreciate the help. The only other thing I notice that it does is, when it is working or loading and doesnt freeze, it is really louder. Alot louder the past couple days then anytime before. It seems to click louder as the game loaded slower. Could it be a problem with something that spins it or moves the laser, and if its that, can I fix that myself
  • Whether you can fix it yourself depends on your familiarity with repairing electronics- if you haven't delved into it before you may want to check the web for a free guide on how this is done and decide for yourself how confident you are about doing it.

    The problem sounds definitely like something in the drive is getting worse and needs replacing.