• When you start this level there seem to be 3 ways to go, left
    right or straight on through a red panel.

    Does anyone know how to get to the red panel?
  • [b]Fairly hard to pull off if you don't know how to control your character properly.

    Smashing through the centre red panel is best left for the 'Show Off' mode as when you are racing against others it's very long winded and they have already got down past the green globe before you reach mid way

    When in 'Show Off' mode, slow down and get centre as much as you can and just about a metre before the split or rails do a forward rolling jump and that should clear the rails that will take you into the Red Panel, try keep centred in the panel while smashing through and there's a good long rail to grind down, mid way there's a X3 snow flake, pull jumps on and off the rail and keep going to max out your score, use a bit of speed boost to grind more points. Don't worry if you fall off the rail as there's a little alley that will take you to a jump where the Big Green Globe on a pole is. If you make it to the end of the rail don't pull off tricks when smashing through the building as there's a nice surprise for you if you can pull it off.

    Just as you get to the end off the secret rail grind/building, jump off and just clip the green globe and try and keep straight as there is a little bent lamp post that will launch you right over the centre buildings. By then you should have your Tricky boost built right up and pull those UBER moves off, if your rider is 3/4 or even maxed out stats you can pull off at least 2 UBER moves along with combo moves inbetween.

    Have fun!

    Now Try and beat my personal score for this level
    509627 Zoe all maxed out with full chapters and master clothing
  • While we're on the topic of SSX I'd like to add another question to this thread (as no body really talks much about this game anymore).