Destroy All Humans! 2- Nexus Crystals
  • i am stuck on destroy all humans!2 where you have to find the nexus crystils to open the hatch on the blisk warship i dont know where they are and where to put them.:confused:
  • The first one is on top of one of the three tall spires at the center of the Blisk base (the warship). Walk around the base until you see small platforms on the side of one of the spires. Use your jetpack to boost up to them, then turn toward the middle and boost again to the center platform. Keep boosting up to the higher platforms until youreach the top -- one will be empty and the other will have the nexus crystal.

    Jump off the tower and head southwest of the base. The second crystal is there in a structure on the ground. The third crystal is being carried by a Blisk Warrior SE of the base. Hop in your saucer to waste him, then land the saucer and retrieve the crystal on foot.

    Once you have all three crystals, you will need to put them in their holders,
    which are the small colored stands that you probably tried to blow up earlier.
    Place each crystal in the matching colored stand to unlock the hatch where the thruster is. One open, Pox tells you to pick up your saucer and blow up the warship, but only hits on the thruster portion (with the pink beam above it) will register hits. The Death Ray and Sonic Booms both work fine (though it's faster if they are powered up). Destroying the warship completes the mission.
  • please help me im trying to get cheats and codes for playstation2 destroy all humans2 i reall yneed help with this game thankyou
  • Hope this can help you;

    Unlimited Ammo:
    Go to Pox Mart and press X, circle, square, square, triangle.