• I want to try to update my PS3 software to 1.92 by a jump drive. so i downloaded the software onto the jump drive (it has plenty of memory- 2gbs) but the PS3 refuses to recognize that there is a drive. i have also put some pictures onto it and the PS3 still won't recognize it. what am i doing wrong?
  • The PS3 will recognize most jump drives but yours may be one of those few that won't.

    You would be better served updating to 1.93 now anyway- 1.92 was causing problems for some, making server disconnect errors. 1.93 will give you the stuff added before without the mess. When adding to a jump drive for updating that way the update needs to be in specific folders. Make one called UPDATE and put the update file in there, then put the UPDATE folder into another called PS3. That is the only way the system will see it.