Drakan...help! i cant find the visionary
  • i found blood from pegan alter,blade of purest gold,ashes of warior fallen,but dont know where to look for the visionary amithist.
    i havent opened the gates and awaken the drakan mother,or found the toadfists helmet,or found the rest of the black wing eggs,and the ice cave people are too ruithless,to beat,do i nead a special weapon,or is there a trick,can i hide behind something and take them out with a bow,or will they always nail me?
    thanx for reading this,if you can help me with anything,i would be verry greatfull.
  • i went back to the ice caves,and tried to kill the ice men,i figured out trees,are the answer,i took out abought 5 of them,then my bow broke,i should have checked its ammo before hand,then i hid behind trees until they walked right up yo me,after they shoot,i steped out,locked on,and got behind them,and hit them abought 3 times,and when two or more came after me,i would wait till the first one shot,then step out,hit hi,unlock,and jump back behind the tree,and the one behind him would finish him off,i onely had 4 health potions,and i tried to go back out,but i couldnt,the portal wasnt working,so i killed them all,and found the second portal,and the task was checkmarked off my list,i didnt get anything,but gold,and the portal was still lit,after i exited.................was i suposed to get something in the ice caves?,i still dont have the VISIONARY AMETHIST.........HELP!!!
  • I used the lighning spell to kill the robots in the ice caves.
  • thanx for the help i have to go through it again,well see if i use a loaded bow,this time,or rely on my trusted method of luering them to walk right past me while im hiding behind the trees,then jump out behind them,and show whoes ruithless,for big guys a few hits in the back drops em fast