Starting A New Thread In Other Areas Of The Site
  • How come I am not able to start a NEW THREAD in other areas of the site?

    It says that either may account has not been activated, or it was disabled.

    And seeing how I am doing this one right now, I don't see what the problem is...

    So, in closing, could one of the STAFF members let me know what's going on.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. I was trying to start a NEW THREAD in the " PS2 Game Comments " forum.
  • The PS2 Comments and PS3 Game Comments sections are set up so that members can only reply to threads, not make new ones. Also, replies in there are "moderated", meaning they must be approved by a staff member first so they may not show up right away. Those areas are set up for us to elicit feedback from members on certain games we feel are going to be very popular.

    The Customer Service section is set up somewhat similarly- you can start new threads in there if you have questions but they must be approved as well. Meantime, the news area is meant to link directly to items on our news page- comments on stories can be left at the news items, not in the forum itself. Other than that it is pretty much free reign in the other sections.
  • Alright. Thanks much for explaining it to me Lyndon.

    I also would like to know how I can write a review for games that are not listed in the WRITE A REVIEW FOR A GAME page on the site.

    Can I just send my review to someone on the STAFF, and then they can add the game and the review for me?

    I recently have asked another member on the STAFF team, but have not gotten any reply. No, I will not give out the name of the STAFF member because I do not feel like having an enemy on the STAFF team.

    I just feel that if a member (me or someone else) has a concern like this. Especially if it involves writing a review for a game that has not even been listed, should be able to add the game on their own.

    I was looking to write something on the PS2 game, Resident Evil 4. But when I click on the link to do so, it just brings up a page trying to get people to buy a PS3.

    Here's that link:
  • Sorry about the dead link. We will look into that for you. If you want you can send your review to [email][/email] and we'll do what we can to get it up there for you asap.

    If the game you wanted to make a comment about is not available let me know and I will start the thread for you. I am assuming it would be RE4 so I'll go ahead and create a new thread for it. If there are others let me know.

    Edit: Lyndon, can you create some new threads in the ps2 comments area. I am not allowed to start new ones in there either :(
  • The majority of the older games on the site do not have a comment thread for them- the links on the game page are tied to the game comments sections of the forums.

    If a game you wish to comment on isn't there you can always post in the PlayStation Discussion forum- as you may have noticed, i moved your posts bout RE4 (including your review) in there for other members to comment on.