• :confused: i live in New Zealand and i dont have a network access disc to play socom 3 where can i get one plz help me
  • You'll have to talk to Sony about that- the disc should have been included with your slimline PlayStation 2.

    Then again, you may not even need it- SOCOM 3 would have the connection set up built in. When you go to the online play section of the game select "make a new connection" and it will take you directly to setting it up.
  • i didnt get a network access dics with my slim ps2 but i got somthink about going to the playstation website and doing stuff there and they will send you out one.i did that they havin send me one out.it been a week and i have send them a email saying can you send me one out.i did what you said and it says "MODERATED CENTRAL STATION UNIVERSE.REQUIRES CENTRAL STATION HANDLE AND PASSWORD TO LOGON" ????:huh:
  • You'll have to set yourself up a username and password at Central Station. If you didn't yet go to www.yourgamingname.com and you should be able to get that taken care of. That site is Sony's official PS2 online site for most areas outside of North America.
  • hey yer it has worked

    mi m8s wants to play socom 3 but he has forgot his password and we have made a new acount 4 him but he has used his network access code and it say it is allreally in use so yer is there a way to get a new or get his password send to him
  • Your friend will have to head to the site i linked above and go through the lost password retrieval process there. You should see the link for it just below the log in blanks to the left.