Online-Gaming not working
  • ive had my ps3 for..about a month now... i came home with a grin from ear to ear (from the left side of my face to my left ear...if u kno wat i mean) i started up motorstorm and played for hours.... then i put in it for hours...
    then i wanted to play a little 40p online masacer as a chimera so i put multiplayer .... then the problem appeared ... loading screen...(i started to wonder that it took too long..) but then.... _connection could not established_ i dunno wth the problem is...

    Tech details: i live in slovakia, i have a public IP adress, dont have a router or a modem(except...i think on the top of my local block of flats we have 1...) but i have a public IP so all ports are open...
    my internet is WiFi 100mb/s (250kbps normally dl)
    i also asked on [url=] - Ofici
  • Your internet provider may have some of the ports you need for online play blocked at their end- a router likely would not help. You may want to talk to your internet provider's tech support and ask them about this.
  • i said that i have a public IP ...and i alrdy asked them.. they told me all ports in their router are open for me if i have a pulic IP
  • Well, I'm at a bit of a loss here. It's possible the problem may have been on Sony's end in regards to not being able to connect to the online multiplayer. They have, at times, had server problems.

    If it is still doing it I would suggest contacting Sony's tech support- they may be able to figure something out that I or your ISP could not.
  • t oday i was at my friends house... and it worked there!!! wtf?! it must be my internet connection... why me!? :'(
    but ireally dont kno wtf the problem can be...i mean if i can connect to PSN and stuff...
  • If your friend is using the same internet provider he may be able to figure out the cause by comparing his settings to yours. It may well be one small thing that is making the difference.
  • thats the thing... hes not....but at least i kno its not my PS3 causing the problem :)
    looks like ill have to settle this on my own :S
  • ok i MAY know what is causing the problem... MAC filtering... my provider has it enabled...ive read that its easy to turn off on a PC but i dunno if its possible to do so on a PS3
    and plz bear in mind that i dont have a router a wireless conection and that i am a complete idiot
    plz help...i want to play warhawk D":
  • The simplest solution may be for you to get a router to let it be the gateway for your PS3. With your ISP using the filtering this would be the easiest way to trick them. This could be done by changing the MAC Address of the router to the one used by your computer (very easy to do) and everything going through the router would look as if the ID is your computer.

    I would recommend either a Linksys or D-Link brand router.
  • ok ill try to borrow a router first and if this works... then i love u and if it doesnt i hate my internet...
    thx a lot
  • I have Resistance fall of man and works online fine my prob is noone can here me on the headset i'tryed 2 bluetooth headsets and they work fine on some games but not fall of man. i also got a usb headset and it still don't work. i can here some ppl talking but they can't here me. someone plz HELP!!!!
  • wat nat type do you have?
  • ok thisis the weirdest thing... i downloaded the tiger woods demo which lets go online and it works?!?! i can play other peoples chalanges?! wtf now i have NO idea what the problem can be...
  • it seems i cant connect to the like officalpsn servers or sumthing rite? because the tiger woods demo connects to the EA games server...
    and hre i want to ask...warhawk does it use sony ervers or incognito servers?
  • Warhawk uses both Sony and Incognito servers- they have nests of them worldwide to cover the potential gaming load.

    If you still have that router in place you borrowed you may want to try opening some ports on it. These are the ports that need to be open for PlayStation network play:

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223
    UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658
  • and if i dont?:p :p
  • Then you may want to consider getting one- the only thing i can see being a problem at this point is either ports being closed that need to be open (despite what your ISP is telling you) or just plain not getting enough signal for the multiplayer to work.
  • the not enough signal thing is not very probable... because the friend lives in a house about 80m from my flat... so il try to get a router then... ill be back..hopefully happy
    and 1 more thing do u think i should risk it with warhawk? i mean 20pounds isnt THAT muchbut still ... if im not sure if it'll work
    wat do u think..should i buy it?(now)
  • You did say your friend isn't with the same internet provider as you are. I wouldn't base anything on distance from your friend's place to yours.

    Until you get things sorted out with getting to play online i would hold off on buying Warhawk. Use Resistance as a test subject- if you can get into online play with it you should have no problems with any other games.

    In the end i would have to say the problem is lying in the mac filtering your provider uses. Once you have your own router you could "clone' the address they have for you as the router's address and everything going through it would look like that address.
  • hmm i did i little research and... if MAC filtering is on...dosnt that meant the internet wont go at all? (i kno i post things before i think )
  • This is true- if the filtering was on you shouldn't be able to get anything online with the PS3.

    Only other thing i can think of is to check through your PS3's connection settings. maybe something there isn't quite matching up to your ISP's nuimbers to let you get fully online (DNS servers perhaps).

    I honestly can't think of anything else- you may have to try talking to Sony's tech help directly over the phone.