• Hi, I just recently purchased a few FF games for the PS1 platform, since they are supposed to be really good. Anyways, I can play FF7 alright on my PS1 but I cant seem to be able to get 8 or 9 playing. The disc is being read, but when i choose the new game option, the opening scene freezes up. The games work because Ive tried them on my PS2 and my PS1 laser seems to be fine, maybe weak, but it plays all my other games. I am not sure whats wrong and I dont really want to do anything before I find out what wrong. Any ideas on the situation?
  • It is very possible the laser on your PSOne is starting to weaken and will eventually give out completely. I would just forget the PSOne and play the games on the PS2- after all, you can use the memory card and controllers on it as well.
  • Is there a certain memory card that I need, as the only PS memory card I have doesnt seem to work? And I actually have a PSX, is there a difference between the PS1 and PSX memory cards?

    PS: The memory card I have is a Nuby brand card.
  • The Nuby cards are, to be honest, pieces of crap. They were unlicensed third party knockoffs.

    If at all possible, use the cards actually made by Sony. That way you know for sure it works with the system.
  • Guess I'll just have to go and buy a card then. Well, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the quick response.