• Snif! I thought Quake 3 had a story line and it wasn't that borring just shoooooooooooootin' an' shooooooooooootin' an' shoooooooooooooootin'...
    Is there anyone that can tell me that, "no CAT, Quake 3 is great because bla bla bla bla bla..." PLEEEEEASE, I need it! I don' t wanna think I wasted my money! (Am in space in the single mode. What happens next???)
  • "No CAT, Quake 3 is good because blah blah blah." There i told you. :biggrin:Im kidding. Quake 3 is a good game if your into the whole shooting all the time thing. Its a game designed for multiplayer use and its first person isnt that great in my opinion. Get some friends to your house and have a multiplayer battle. Thats one great reason to keep it.
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    Hey Cat take it from the "Lord of the Darkside", Quake 3 IS a good game.

    There are times when one doesn't want to think, plan or otherwise use thier brains
  • [b]Have a quick read at this review

    The writers name looks a bit like a dude I know ;)

    I would put Quake 3 into the Hard Core FPS section

    Story line??? Simple, kill or be killed

    [b]If it moves SHOOT IT!! - If it doesn't move SHOOT IT ANYWAY!!