PS3 to Laptop connection question
  • I was wondering if its possible to connect my ps3 into my laptop and use the internet connection that i have for my laptop for the ps3. My internet connection is satelite so my ps3 can't connect to it cause you have to have a card that plugs into the laptop to receive the signal. Its a broadband connection but just have to go through the laptop to get the signal is this even possible ..............
  • This could be done with Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). There are numerous articles around the web telling how to turn this on in your laptop. This will then let your computer act as a gateway for the PS3's net access. Then just connect the PS3 via ethernet to your laptop (if you don't have a normal wifi card in there) and go through the network connection set up in Network Settings on the PS3.

    I think, however, you would find the satellite connection will be not so good when it comes to actually playing online. There is quite a bit of lag in the upload which will make playing Resistance online (as an example) an exercise in futility. You'll have no problems with downloading in the PlayStation Store, Folding@Home or getting system updates.