Gorilla Playing Drums!
  • Has anyone seen that strange advert from Cadbury Chocolate that has the gorilla playing the drums? If not you can watch it here.

    What this is about though, is a spoof version that was made for the Simon Logan Breakfast Show on Radio Aire. You can watch this version here.

    They're both weird, they're both strange. At least the spoof version is funny though, kinda, instead of just completely enigmatic like the official Cadbury one is :confused:

    Well, what you waiting for, a personal invitation? Go check them both out. Probably best checking out the official one first before checking out the spoof version, ok?

    Oh, by the way, you can also catch the spoof version on the official Radio Aire website here.


    Edit: Other spoof versions

    There are obviously a LOT of spoof versions of this advert, but I just found one that is actually quite good, and it works as well. Whereas a lot of them don't really work with the video and the song they chose, this spoof video does. To be a real "King of the Swingers" have a look here.
  • I saw this the other day on the TV but i dont understand what it has to do with chocolate

    Now im sure they have spent a couple of million to pay some markting and advertising guys to make this advert but sorry Cadburys its wasted on me!!!!

    Im not a big fan of their chocolate anways - Give me Green and Blacks anyday!!
  • Jane N STAFF said:
    ...Give me Green and Blacks anyday!!

    Posh you know what :p lol. Only wanting the "good" choccy.

    What's wrong? Cadbury ain't good enough for you? :mad: haha :laugh:
  • Cadburys is full of fat because its half milk. The darker the better!!!

    The raisin and hazelnut green and blacks is the best!!!!!!
  • Well, well. You beat me to it Jason :D. Sorry for double-posting it then. It's a very funny video. I wish you could really teach a gorilla to bang on some drums. He'd probably put a hole through them rather quickly though.