Internet Connection:
  • I just bought a new wireless router, a NETGEAR Wireless N Rangemax...something, anyways I'm getting an average of 50% signal, I was just wondering if there was some way of recommending me on getting the best performance for my system? Maybe, like a wi-fi booster or something.


  • I would, first of all, recommend taking back that wireless N router and get an 802.11 G router. The N routers have not yet had their specs finalized and some do not work quite as well when scaling back to G or B speeds. The card inside the PS3 is set up to use 802.11B or 802.11 G- you'll see no advantage using an N router.

    I would recommend the Linksys WRT54G on a router choice- you would then be able to get a Linksys range extender that you would know for sure would work with the router.
  • With a PS3 firmware update, can the wi-fi card be upgraded to N, is it possible for sony to do that through a firmware update.
  • I don't think so. That could only be done via a hardware change, maybe in a later version of the PS3 when Sony start 'upgrading' the console.