• hi...... i am a new member i only want to ask how to use the gameshark codes on my ps1 and also on the ps1 emulater on my pc:D
  • You're SOL with the emulator- you can't use gameshark codes with it. I'll mention now we are against the illegal use of copied games here so keep the emulator to yourself, ok? ;)

    As for your PSone you will need to obtain an actual GameShark, which is available in most stores selling games. You enter the codes you wish to use before actually booting up the game- if you don't have the GameShark the codes are useless.
  • GameShark and ProAction Replay codes can be used with emulators. ePSXe is the one I use. It has support for both versions.
  • While we appreciate the correction on the info, blue, the fact stands that we prefer not to discuss emulators here. Support the game industry and all that, ya know? ;)
  • i want to use the codes but i don't have it?how do i want to get it?
  • These days eBay may be the best way to get hold of the PSOne GameSharks- with the system having been out of production for a few years now the people that make the peripherals have soon followed suit. You could also check stores that sell used game systems/ equipment, maybe they got hold of one.
  • i have the gameshark for ps1 but not the codes hahha Niagara Falls:E-mail:Keaton_Koabel_37@hotmail.com