Psp Hardware problem
  • Hello,

    I currently have a psp that is not working and I don't know why. I believe it to be a hardware issue simply for the fact that with the battery out and the ac power cord plugged in it doesn't do anything. With the battery in, it simply blinks the green led light for maybe quarter of a second then off, and nothing again.

    A friend of mine has a pandora battery and magic memory stick, when placed inside of the psp, the green led light flickers for a quarter of a second then off continously, without me touching the power putton. I was told that it could be a abxy power board, but before i go spendin money on a new part i'd like to get a better diagnosis of everything that it could be
  • It could well be the power board in the PSP is done. Myself, i would not necessarily trust trying the pandora's battery bit to try reviving things.

    You would be better off contacting Sony themselves and see about getting it fixed by them, especially if the unit is under a year old (seeing as there is a one year warranty on the system).
  • Well the psp wasn't working so I was willing to try anything at that point. Its been a few years so I know I can't get it replaced, and all the repair shops are talking at least $70 for repair. I can get a new one for a hundred bucks more with a guarantee.

    I was looking for a cheap fix, i've seen the power boards for less than $10 on line, and there are enough tutorials online to get it done. I just really wanted to get a percentage of what it could be and see if anyone else has had a problem similar to this
  • To be honest, we haven't had that many people here have this sort of problem. My own PSP (bought directly on launch day) is still going strong. Considering what you found out for the costs of repair compared to the new one it would be worth the while to just get a new system and the full warranty that goes with it.

    I would be a bit leery of those power boards you find online- there's no guarantee those are actually fully functional, if even for the system. they may well be a scam waiting to happen.
  • True, but I can swing $10 just to give it a shot, otherwise right now its just sitting here collecting dust, i'm considering doing some other modding to it anyway even if i can't get it to power on
  • Well, at $10 you aren't out that much- good luck with it! B)

    BTW, i removed your link there- we prefer not to have links to other gaming sites. Let them buy their advertising! ;)