PS3 won't setup online
  • Hi, I've looked at hundereds and hundereds of sites, threads, help boxes etc to try and connect my PS3 online, but I have 2 problems. Firstly, the solutions I can understand, haven't worked in my case and secondly, the vast majority of the solutions, I don't know how to implement. I'm a complete novice at networking, I don't know how to open a port on my PC or my router, how to find out what the DNS settings should be or anything of that nature.

    My problem isn't connecting to just the Playstation store, it's connecting, period. I haven't even been able to set my PS3's online up. When I try, I set everything to automatic and then test the connection. It finds the network fine, but then I get an error in the next part that reads "An error occured while resolving the name with the server 80710102".

    I have a wired connection, my XBox 360 is connected and works fine, the router I'm using is a Mentor F4II, problably old and naff, but I have no idea how to tell. My ISP is NTL, well Virgin Media now, I have a seperate modem, it isn't running through my settop box (no idea if that makes a difference).

    I don't know how to access my routers settings, it didn't come with a manual, it came in a box and it might have had a slip of instruction on a piece of paper with it, but I've had it for a while and I have no idea wher that might be (or the box).

    It's just a bit frustrating to have a problem that someone more technical would probably solve in no time, and it's taken me 6 days of intenet searches and still no luck.

    Many thanks to any help in adavance, it will be much appreciated.
  • Well, Dave, i tried a search for that router you mention but came up with nothing. You may be right about the age and quality (or lack thereof). It would be worth your while to grab something more up to date such as a Linksys brand router. Most are very reasonably priced. For a wired connection I would suggest the WRT54G model- this would also let your PS3 connect wirelessly.
  • Hi, I've managed to connect my PS3 online by bypassing the router and plugging it directly into the modem, so the router seems to be the problem. I'll probably pick a Linksys router up tomorrow and try that, thanks for the suggestion and the quick rely.