Final Fantasy 11
  • if you have played the Sony PlayStation 2 video game Final Fantasy 11, please let everyone know what you think of it below.
  • I currently play it now. Ive been addicted ever since it came out god like 4 years ago lol. My review it is an insanly fun game. There are plenty of missions thatll keep you busy for months are even years. It is the first MMORG that has players from PC PS2 and XBOX360 playing on the same field. A couple disadvantages are that it is 12$ a month to play. The game isnt exactly new person friendly, as in you start with basic armor and like 1000 gil and not alot of explanation on jobs. (If youve played other FFs this will be easier for you). And finally graphics while CSs have been improved dramatically over time graphics are still 2003-2004 PS2 graphics. Those are some pros and cons of final fantasy 11. If you do play my username is Sukasa and I currently reside in the hades server lvl 75 SMN (I kick serious butt) :)