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  • i heard somewhere that you can rip off people's arms and use them as weapons, but i can't get it to work. anybody know how?
  • The only way that i can picture this happening is with a cheat. I haven't been able to do that on the game either but if i do find a way then i'll post it here. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • well i havent ripped any arms off, but i have decapitated quite a few. try this code and u can decapitate ppl and then use their head as a weapon!

    punches decapitate=while playing tha game, press L1,L2,R1,R2,square. if u entered tha code right u see a message.

    i have more codes 4 this game if u need them ok.


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  • you can't rip people's arms off and there isn't a code (that's been found out at least) you can yank people's arms with combos because that's in the demos
  • I have found out that u can chop some heads off with ur axe and punch ur enemies with them, but i havent found any arms yet...
  • :2devilish: The only time I have been able to cause harm with a dismembered body part is when there is an explosion, sometimes there is a random body part here and there you can pick up and use for a beatdown. :thumbsup:
  • you have to make an explosion (rocket launcher, etc)
  • [b]U can chop heads of with ur AXE :erm:
  • i dunno i rented the game and i never did that but i really didn't care for the game.