PS3 to PS3 Networking
  • I have two PS3 consoles. I was wondering if it's possible to just network the two together? I know a little bit about networking and know that this is possible with 2 computers. Is it the same with the PS3? Do I just need to reconfigure the IPs with the same subnet mask? Any help or advice would be great.

  • To be honest, i can't say for sure that it would work- besides, there is nothing out there that would take advantage of this sort of thing.
  • Actually, I would of "take advantage of this sort of thing" because I'm out in Iraq and don't have a internet connection to hook up to but I have multiple PS3 consoles that may have the potential to be networked together.

    Thanks for the help though. I'll let you know what I find out.

  • This is a great subject...I wanna know also if it's possilbe to have a LAN party with say 4 PS3's and a hub? But I guess only if the games support this feature huh? I've done this many times with 4 xbox's and 4 halo1 disc's. An excellent thing to do when your on a tour bus with many people & hours to kill and multiple tv's
  • Yep, none of the PS3 games support LAN play so this sort of set up likely would not work.