Resident Evil: Movie vs. Game
  • Am I the only one who thinks that the makers of the movies for the Resident Evil
    series should have actually stuck to the game story-line?

    I mean, really. Come on people. The people who went to see the movie(s)
    keep hoping that one-day, they will make the movies like the game is.

    If you really think about it. Resident Evil 1 was where ... RPD, right?

    Where did the movie start out? In a Mansion. And what was up with
    the unknown area ... The Hive? Never heard of it in the game ... Did you?

    Didn't the Mansion come into the game in RE2 or RE3 ?

    I would like your opinion on this matter.

    PS. Remember Resident Evil (the first movie)? Good.
    What ever happens with the gun/guns that are in that one drawer (in the locked case)
    when she's looking for something to wear?

    Until We Meet Again.
  • I have never thought much of any game-to-movie translations. Most have the tendency to stray from the original concept due to a director wanting to "add his mark" to the project.

    In some cases the changes are warranted as the game, in its original form, just would not work well in a movie. Still, they worked in enough of the original material to make it work.

    I never did watch the second movie but i do plan on checking out the latest installment next weekend.
  • ive always been a big fan of the whole resident evil series including the movies, the first movie to me was killer!, the second one was good, but not quite as good as the first, i liked the third one but for some odd reason it kinda reminded me of Dawn of the Dead
  • The only RE game that I played was RE:Zero. I loved it though.

    I really liked the movies too. I just saw a comercial for a new one? Has anybody seen that one yet?
  • I love the games and i laughed through the movies - they were so bad they were funny. I dont think we will be rushing to watch the new one

  • Yeah, a bunch of friends and I went and watched some of the latest RE movie,
    and found it to be just like Dawn of the Dead ourselves

    We left like, half-way through the movie...

    It seemed like the director was just "grabbing for straws" (so-to-speak)
    at this point in his movie making career.

    Until We Meet Again