Blu Ray Discs Help
  • If you are having problems with the Blu-Ray disc that the Sony Ps3 uses for games, or even the playback of Blu Ray movie discs, then let us know your problem below and our experts will try to help.
  • Hey
    I did play with my PS3 for two months, but now my console can't read the game disk or even play any other disk as DVD, etc... Any tips... Thanks for the support and have a great one...
  • The discs do try to spin when in the system? This could be a simple matter of a dirty lens (in which case try a DVD lens cleaning kit) or the drive went kaput inside. If it is that you will have to contact Sony about getting it repaired (which would be for free thanks to the one year warranty) or exchange for another system at the place it was purchased from.
  • the blu ray disc will only play for a breif time then the screen turns black. where do i go from there to watch the movie??

    but it plays dvds
  • Amc, you may want to contact Sony- something may be wrong with the Blu-Ray diode inside. If so your system will have to be sent in for repair/ replacement.
  • My daughter put a token in the slot of the b-ray. I had to open it up in order to get it out. Now I need a diagram of how to line up the load/eject arms.:redface:
  • i need help with my playstaion when i play a blue ray movie. i have agreat picture and starts fine but i get no sound. i went in and manually selected the right cable setup whixh is the av one but still no sound